Thursday, September 4, 2008

BLOG OF THE WEEK: Spotlight on "Urban Tumble Weave"

After moving to Philly, I started to notice this new phenomenon. Well, it was new to me at least. I started spoting tufts of human hair, here and there, about the streets of Philadelphia. Some were tucked in the nooks and crannys of the curbs and sideswalks. Others, in plain sight. Well, after asking a friend of mine from the city, turns out there's nothing new or human about these creatures, they're called "tumbleweaves", and I think they're pretty amazing. According to the Urban Dictionary, a tumbleweave is: "A random grouping and usually tangled mass of fake hair, which is generally the result of someones weave being pulled out in a fight, that tumbles down the street similar to a tumbleweed." I've really grown accustomed to them as being part of the landscape here, and I can't help but feel at home everytime I see one. So, recently I did some research, of the internet persuasion, and apparently there's an entire flickr group dedicated to tumbleweaves ( , but even more importantly, an entire blog about the tumbleweaves in Philly Check it out IT WILL PSYCH YOUR MIND.


Joana said...

Thats hysterical. I love how the leaf looks like a little bow.

Caitlin M said...

This is amazing. The world needs to know about this. Tyra should cover this issue.

Katie Miller said...

TUMBLEWEAVES BLOW MY MIND! When I first moved here I had dreams of collecting every one i could find and making a sculpture out of them. One time I found a HUGE red curly tumbleweave that almost looked big enough to be a wig. So awesome.

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