Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey Sorry I haven't posted a whole ton lately I been working on stuff for an upcoming show in July here in Philly (see post below). I'm making a tattoo parlor:

If you are in Philly on the 10th come get tattooed by me! Get your favorite Looney Tunes® character, or something that reflects who you are and your personality and/or is truly meaningful and really deep. Impress your friends. Get an edge. 50¢ to $1 for big ones cause they're harder to do. A lot of the the tattoos will be drawn by me, the rest will be jpgs off the internetzzz, some right off this here blog. COOL! I am going to cover my whole body in them, because it will be fun! I'm also working on a video, that will be screened later in the month. More on that in the future.

Here I leave you with some photos that definitely inspired me to do this. Steven Meisel took these for Italian Vogue. The clothes are okay, not really my style, I'm not really a pattern person, BUT the models look beautiful. I love when street style influences high fashion. I think it's hilarious!

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